We would love to hear of your experiences and any benefits you have found through the use of the hol col.  If you include a photo of the dog we may even include this on our page.

While we were fostering dogs, we had the pleasure of having this lovely little dog stay with us, & the even greater pleasure of seeing him go to such a wonderful family.

These are the posters his Dad sent us, we thought them so great that we asked permission to post them on the site, here they are :-

(walk Further down the page to see our "Happy Customers" !! )


A note from the owner :

We have been going under the false security of the Micro Chip and thinking that we treat our dogs like we would young children, we never let them out of our sight and so they will not get lost.

How foolish, we could get distracted watching one dog and the other get out of our reach. A dog could get spooked by something and run off some where we can`t get. We could have an accident. Obviously the possibilities are endless.

So better late than never, I have ordered some Holcols.

Kindly shared with us by:   Mr D. Morton from Sheffield



 We love to see your dogs enjoying themselves on holiday wearing their holcols, so please keep those pic's coming !

Dogs on holiday 2015 


These lovely trio have just been having a great time traveling Wales & these great pictures where taken at Oxwich Bay on the Gower in S.Wales !

 This is lovely Jazz.

 & this beauty is Larna.


 & this is Bramble, they are all loving the sea, & as long as their contact details are written in waterproof ink, the collars are great in the sea too ! Don't they look stunning !


We have our regular lovely holiday pro's Alfie & Millie back ! This time they have been for a visit to the wonderful "Hillside Animal Sanctuary" In Norfolk. Some of our own Mutleys have also visited there, as you are allowed to take your dogs on leads to greet the many rescued animals there.

  Here's Alfie.

 & Here's lovely Millie making new friends at the sanctuary. 

 Dogs on holiday in 2013

Come on Happy Customers, where are your photo's for us to display !!! 


 This is the lovely Alfie & Millie, they sure love the beach ! All the photo's we were sent, were so nice, we couldn't decide which to post, so for now, we have posted them ALL !!    This is what their Mum had to say :-

 I recently purchased 2 of your holiday collars that I read about in Wood Green Animal Shelter's, Animal Matters magazine. What a great idea. I thought you'd like to see a photo of Alfie and Millie wearing theirs at Mundesley in Norfolk. They got tested every day in the sea and remained in the same condition as when they were first put on. I had several dog walker's comment on them and all said what a great idea they were. Will definitely get some more for next year!

Judi P.

We didn't even know that "Wood Green" had heard of hol col !! 

 Thank you Judi for your support (& the scan of the article !) & of course the lovely photo's of Alfie & Millie.  Also a thank you to Wood Green for the mention. !





 This is "Smartie", isn't she such a sweet little old Lady, & the photo's are so good, that we made them extra BIG !

This is what her family wrote to us.....

This is a photo of our 15 year old Jack Russell, Smartie.  We think your collar is a great idea and she has been wearing it whenever we go away for the last three years.  Its even more important for us now that Smartie has lost both her sight and hearing due to having Cushings Disease.  We wouldn't take her anywhere without it.  She has always come on holiday with us and we took this photograph whilst on holiday in Sidmouth, Devon, earlier in the year.

Thank you to Smartie's family for your support. 




This is the handsome "TY" on his holiday nr Pendennis Castle, Falmouth.

His Mum says "The hol col is a Brilliant idea" .

Many thanks to Ty & J McCarthy for your lovely photo & support. 


Dogs on Holiday in 2012

This beautiful pair are Patsy & Hamish, enjoying a  wonderful holiday in Scotland.  What amazing scenery, lucky dogs ! Thank you to their Mum Lorna for the photo. 



Dogs on their holidays in 2011

This is Stanley, the youngest member of the Lewis Family.


He does look a smart Boy. All ready for his first camping holiday ! The rest of Stanley's family are further down the page.

These lovely Giants aren't even fully grown yet ! but they have started early on their holiday experience, staying in a dog friendly hotel in the Cotswolds. They are "Black Russian Terriers" yep your read correctly !  Terriers !! but they are closer to the Giant Schnauzer, only bigger !!

You wouldn't lose these two very easily, but those hol col's certainly would help to spot them as it starts to get dark.

This great picture is of Dash who is sitting on Scafell Pike, careful Dash !

Dash's owner also sent us a wonderful note, which we have had permission to print here :-

Hello there!

Firstly I would like to say that the Holcol is such a fantastic idea! I came across your webpage whilst looking for a cheap tag for "DASH" to wear whilst on holiday. We go to the Lake District a lot and there is no reception for mobiles so in the event that Dash went walkies on his own nobody would know where we were staying or be able to contact us with his normal collar tag. The major factor that decided the holcol was for us was the fact that it is recognized by most dog wardens! What could be better, from a distance it screams instantly I'm a lost dog, on holiday and I don't know my way back home.

The collar withstood all the usual boisterous Border Collie behaviours, even when wet. In fact it held together so well that I've simply put it away for next time as we stay on the same campsite! It can't be missed and a few people commented on what a good idea it was after the initial "Awwwww what a colourful collar". It even helped us keep an eye on him whilst walking off lead up Scafell Pike!

A Fantastic Product and 5* Service, the collar arrived within 3 days and is very strong and sturdy, will defiantly be back to buy additional collars for new holiday destinations!

I will be recommending your company to all who will listen!

Yours Sincerely

Hannah O' Brien

 Hol col  -  Thank you very much for your kind words.

Dogs on their holidays in 2010


These lovely pictures have been sent by Sharon Farrow of her dogs George.....

 You can see how the hol col is fine in the sea !


& this is Maisie.

These dogs are certainly having a wonderful holiday & have made quite a splash with other holidayers passing by & remarking on the collars they are wearing.

Mrs Farrow writes: Thank you for a wonderful product that works ! It gave every dog walker we saw, a little laugh with the "I'm on holiday" on the collar, until we said it is because they are chipped to our home address. Then the response was "what a good idea, where can I get them from ?"  The collars lasted 2 weeks of dogs being dogs, ie digging, swimming, rolling, you name it they did it in them, No snaps, tears & the address was as good as new, Many thanks for the extra peace of mind. 

Sharon Farrow, West Yorkshire.

Thank you Sharon, the photo's are so full of fun & I think you will agree, the hol col was certainly tested on this holiday !!!

This lovely dog is Peanut, on holiday in Douglas, sent in by Lorraine Sterritt. from Northern Ireland.

Thank you Lorraine.

Some happy customers enjoying a holiday in Wales.


These lovely pictures were sent in by Sharon Lewis from Derbyshire.   She write :-

"The collars were great and stood up to plenty of sea water.  

We were also approached by other dog owners wondering

why the dogs had these collars and they all thought

they were a brilliant idea". 

They hope to take another holiday soon with their lucky dogs,

So we hope to have some photo's to follow ! Thank you.

 Here are some Happy customers enjoying the sun on holiday, proundly wearing their hol col's 

How Cute are they ?!

Mrs B. from Poole (their mum) writes:  " I thought you might like to see a photo of my little dogs wearing their hol col's on a recent holiday.  For the first time, I felt completely at ease when they were off lead knowing that should the unthinkable happen and one of them got lost, the finder would not only know it was on holiday but, more importantly, know exactly how and where to contact me". 


Keep your photo's coming !


sammykelly@hotmail.com     Many Thanks.