Ask yourself, "If my dogs came on holiday, or will be going to stay with someone else, would the information on the tag, get the dog returned if they went missing ?  If your answer is NO, you need a hol col.   hol col is a temporary ID collar for you (or whoever is looking after the dog) to write the temporary contact details on. The hol col is a bright green collar for your dog to wear with they're normal collar and tag, giving the finder of your lost dog up to date information on how to contact you as quickly as possible. It has the advantage over a tag as it is the ONLY collar in the UK known by almost every Dog Warden, Even from a distance it can be seen on your dog & identified as wearing a hol col (a dog in unfamiliar surroundings) and possibly lost. Please visit our statistics and poster pages for more info.

Please do not be fooled into thinking that if your dog is chipped that is all you need to do.  The Chip company only hold the information YOU have given them, nothing more, contact them for an "Upgrade" keep the info they hold up-to-date, but you also have to have visible contact details on the collar (THIS IS THE LAW)

We have had a lot of cases of dogs gone to stay with friends, the dog has escaped from the friends house, been picked up by a dog warden with only the contact details of the owner not the carer of the dog.  If you go away for 2 weeks, your dog goes missing in the first week, your dog can be either put down after a 7 day stay at the pound or rehomed.  THIS HAS & DOES HAPPEN, keep up-to-date info on your dog. It has also come to our notice that many dogs are not even scanned ?? another really important reason to keep VISIBLE up to date contact details on your dog.

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You write directly onto the collar, any new information that would help get your dog back to whoever is caring for them.

The hol col is so strong, that it had to be designed to break, (on heavier dogs) if pulled hard enough, to help prevent injury if the dog become caught up in fencing etc. 

So an arrow into slit connection has been used. 

Wrap hol col around dogs own collar, select the next slit on the

hol col, cut off any excess, write the information on the collar, (If you use an indelible ink pen, it is then all fine for your dog to swim with !) gently fold the arrow wings inwards, push through your selected slit, (in an inward direction) & open out the wings again. 

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                    They come in two sizes, to fit almost all dogs.

Now, just pop the hol col over your dogs head, leaving their own collar & tag on & away you go!  It is so simple,& ready in seconds.  Almost all UK dog wardens know & will recognise the hol col, but also anyone that has already bought a hol col, will recognise one on another dog, & more likely to approach the dog to read the contact details to contact you.

Warning  -  The hol col is designed for temporary use, for a limited time only. It is not to be chewed or consumed. Hol col hold NO responsibility for any harm caused by the misuse of this collar.

No scanner required, No need to take the dog back to the pound, No need for a collection fine & boarding fee.  Giving you extra peace of mind to enjoy your holiday!

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All this for just £2.50  Incredible!

The hol col is:

1)    A Bright Green collar (so it stands out, even in low light).better than a tag.


2)   Write directly onto the collar with any normal pen. (or an indelible ink pen if your dog likes the water)

3)   Is The ONLY UK collar recognized by most UK Dog Wardens.


4)   Is designed to break free (on heavier dogs)  if caught on fencing etc.


5)   Is light weight, even for very small dogs.


6)   Comes in two sizes, to fit all dogs.


7)   It is waterproof for bathing & swimming in the sea.


8)   Has the advantage over a tag as it is easily recognized at a distance, there is more room to write your details, & is the only UK collar printed with  "I'm on Holiday" 


9)   It has an arrow into slit connection, so is easily attached & ready in seconds.


10)   Inexpensive, quick & easy to use.

11)   No engraving to do, No fiddly ring clip to change tag,


12)   No scanner needed to get your dog straight back to you.


Don't ruin your holiday for the sake of NOT having a

£2.50 hol col .