This is a "must visit" website, If you care about your dogs, and you must care, or you wouldn't be visiting our website right now, then you care about your dogs health. We are already becoming more aware of what ingredients are going into our foods and try to avoid those with e.numbers and other additives. Well what about what goes into your dogs food. Vets are often asking owners "what are they feeding their dogs"?, as this can often be the reason for hyper activity, or scratching.  It makes sense to feed your dog as natural diet as possible.

Joe Inglis - a well know vet on TV has been developing only the best of ingredients for a great tasting and natural food for dogs and cats. Also being a vet and caring for all the animals welfare, only uses Free Range chicken as part of his range. "The Mutley Crew" can vouch for both the chicken and the lamb dishes.  It is lovely and moist, so even older dogs with few or no teeth eat it with no problems. 

Mr Inglis has written a wonderful article on "The hol col" on his blogs, please take a look.



Walnut Pet Supplies    Based in Milton Keynes.