This page is now for dogs that are missing. 




Poor little Henry, is a white Toy Poodle, missing from Laindon, Essex.

Please keep a look out for him, as he needs medication, & his friend is missing him.

Poster here :- 




We have no missing dogs to print here at present, but if you would like us to post your missing dog here, please contact 07722 135 109 for details.

Here is a poster that may help you find your dog.


 If your dog is missing, double bag some of their blankets & toys in sealed bags, these maybe needed in the future, in case you employ the services of a sniffer/tracker dog, they will need the scent of your dog to work with, so these blankets needs to be as un-contaminated  & fresh as possible. Also find a very clear face forward photo of your dog & also one of their full body, so these can be used for the doglost album (see below) & posters. These can also be very useful in case you wish to work with an "Animal Communicator" If you are lucky enough to find one that will help, they have been known to be very successful with giving  descriptions of places your dog has been & is still possible in that area !


Contact  If you have lost your dog, or think you have found a dog known to be missing.

Since Dog Lost began in 2003 over 11000 missing and stolen dogs that have been registered on the site have been reunited.

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