Below are links to animal rescue sites or other dogs looking for a new home. We hold no responsibility for the content of these sites. If you would like to be included on this page and can "swap links" with us, please contact us on the contact page.  "Click" on their logo to visit their site.

We suggest that if you are bringing a new dog home to live with you, that although the dog should be wearing their new contact details on their collar, that as an extra precaution, it also wears a hol col for the first week or so, until the dog gets to know the new area.

If you have purchased or are rehoming a dog privately and it is chipped, do not forget to notify the chip company of the new changes immediately. 

   We are currently helping Romanian Rescues, now you may feel that our own UK dogs need our help first, & that is your choice, but don't criticize those who wish to help animals, where ever they have come from, at least we are trying to help someone, somewhere,  are you ? & these dogs, unlike most UK dogs face beating, starvation & torture on a daily basis. If you feel you could help in anyway, either with donations, fostering or even offer a loving home to one of these lovely brave creatures, please take a look at their websites.


                Safe Rescue For Dogs .Com








A "Call Out" to visitors to our site, - Please,  if you have any Wormer tablets, spot on treatments, or any other medical treatments for cats or dogs, that you no longer require, please consider sending them to "Desperate Greekies Dog Rescue .Com" contact Michele  in the UK on - 01480 393323 

This is Desperate Greekies an organisation in the UK set up to help the Dogs & Cats in a shelter in Greece. They need your help very much, if there is anyway you are able to help them, please do take a look at their website..

If you can help them with funds, Fostering or even adopting a dog from any of these Rescues above, you will really be saving a life , They can organize the passport & transport of the dog to the UK. 


Pro-Dogs Direct  Re-homing Dogs throughout the UK

HULA  (Home for Unwanted & Lost Animals)

                                   Animal Rescue, - Woburn Sands.  -   They have many open days throughout the year, check out their website for further details. 


Another Greek shelter, this time in Halkidiki - Julie's Greek shelter



Poodles In Need - Pro-active in Poodle Rescue Services within the UK This is a Great site for Poodles, & they sometimes have some lovely oldies too !  








Dogs posted on the website Daily, All ages, All sizes,  based in S Wales, & have fosterer's all over the UK   MANY TEARS RESCUE             


 Hillside Animal Sanctuary Hillside   Have lots of different animals they help.



    I love this site, it has older dogs throughout the UK that are either in rescue kennels or foster care and are looking for a new home, If you have got a little space in your home and your heart, please consider one of these dogs, we all get old. Wouldn't you like to think your twilight years would be spent in a warm comfy home with loved ones around you? Don't write the oldies off, our eldest member of "The Mutley Crew" was "Sooty", he joined us at 11 yrs and lived to a sprightly 17 yrs old. He has changed my life completely !  



Please mention that you saw these links on the hol col website.  Thank You.