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As of mid January 2018 Hol Col will no longer have a website. Many thanks for all your support, but due to issues with the web provider and the manufacture of the collars, it has caused great difficulties in providing the great product HolCol was. This has been a very sad decision.

 Welcome to hol colTM    

The ultimate I.D holiday collar for your dog!


As endorsed by "The Mutley Crew"  & ..... 

Joe Inglis - The TV Vet Who also has Pets'Kitchen. 

The hol col is    Made         


The quick disposable collar that allows you to write your new temporary contact details directly onto the collar, so that if your dog should go missing, the finder can contact you immediately, instead of your dog going to the pound & you receiving a fine. Being a bright collar rather than a tag it is far more noticeable, even from a distance, & having the words "I'm on Holiday" help everyone to know your dog is in unfamiliar surroundings. It is the only collar in the UK known to most UK Dog Wardens.

Don't be fooled by the appearance, the hol col is lightweight but also very strong, so strong in fact that it had to go back to the drawing board to design a way for it to break, so now it may break (on heavier dogs) if they get caught up on fencing/branches.

The hol col is not just great for holidays but also for:

 Day Trips.

Great for Agility & for show Dogs travelling between shows too ! 


If you are leaving your dog with a friend or pet sitter, you will want their contact details on the dog.

Even going into kennels.

In fact anywhere that your dog will need a change of contact details, the hol col is a quick inexpensive solution.

The Law states you must have VISIBLE up-to-date contact details on your dog in a public place.

Your dog will be much more likely to be reunited with you if the finder can see the dog is in unfamiliar surrounding & they can contact you quickly. 


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If your dog is already chipped, why not phone the chip company for an "upgrade" once done, you can phone or go online & change your info/contact details as many times as needed throughout your dogs life, at no extra charge. This also enables you to extend the file to add other numbers such as next of kin etc, so that if, in future, you forget to update the details, & your dog should be found & scanned, the chip company have other people they can contact (if they can't reach you) The chip only holds the information you filled out on the form at the time your dog was chipped NOTHING MORE.  Always keep this information updated, your dogs life could depend on it.                                                                 

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